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Summer Break

by on 20. August 2012

It is soooo hot and humid in Germany, I can hardly consider to move to my meals and this means something.

cat knocked out by hot and humid weather

Catonauts will take a Summer Break. And who knows, I might like to learn diving though I really don´t like water. But this study of Dixie and Trixie’s Summer Vacation looks interresting, doesn´t it?

A Video "Study" by Jim, of Dixie and Trixie's Summer Vacation
  1. Tazo The Tat permalink

    You are so beautiful Janis! :) At least the heat means more time for snoozing to escape the dreadful humidity! Not that we need an excuse for a nap! Hope it cools down for you soon, I can send you some lovely English rain if you like! *chirrup* Xx

    • Awe, you´re such a charmer, handsome ;) Some lovely English rain would be nice! If it doesn´t cool down soon, I will die of starvation, I´m afraid (huMum´s not, naturally, you know this *rolls eyes*) xxx

  2. Popping in by way of ‘The Purrfect Cat’, you’re Gravatar caught my eye cause I had a kitty that looked like you. Even though you’re looking way sleepy, I think scuba diving would be refreshing and wake you up…but yes yes, do learn how to swim first. Maybe Dixie & Trixie could give a lesson.

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