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Seven Famous Criminal Cats

by on 15. August 2012

Frankie (my favourite)

Frankie the famous cat burglar and his haul of plush toys

Frankie the tomcat likes toys of all kinds, but he has an obsession with plush leopards. He finds the toys in his neighborhood in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, and pushes them through the cat flap at his home. Frankie will bring home socks, plush toys, and discarded food items, as well as small animals he hunts all times of the day and night. He doesn’t play with the toys, but seem happy just to bring them home. The cat collected 15 copies of the same small plush leopard, which his owner Julie Bishop believes is made to be a cat toy. Bishop put up posters to notify the owners of the purloined items. See Frankie carrying his loot in a BBC video.

Read more about the other six famous burglar cats Oscar, Speedy, Chrysamthemum, Henry, Cwtch and Dusty

Mum´s note: I´d nick some plush leopards just for to lure this handsome tomcat ;)


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