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Behind The Curtain

by on 9. August 2012

shadows of a cat behind a curtain

 click pic to enlarge

I took those pics in 2007, my former companion loved to nap behind the curtain. We had only 18 months together as she suffered FeLV. I knew this as I picked her at the shelter back then. She was a brave tiny fighter. It broke my heart as I had to let her go and I still tear up when watching the old pictures of her

In remembrance of Digga

  1. What a lovely girl and a touching tribute. It was very brave of you to take her on knowing that she didn’t have much time. Thankyou for making sure that she didn’t have to spend the rest of her life at a shelter. Those curtain pics are great as well

  2. She really was a gorgeous cat Sabine and I’m sorry she passed OTRB before I got to know her xxx’s with love

    • Thanks dearest, it was a short but good time with her and I´m glad I could give her a home. Hugs you and xxx from Janis

  3. what amazing pictures! such a great way to remember your lovely pusskah. xo

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