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Do I look like Paul?

by on 25. June 2012

Or do I look like Andrew, Anthony … or even Dane or Dayne?

stuffed koala

He, I guess it´s a male Koala,  came the looong way from Australia to Germany, a present from my dear friend Jessie :) Speaking of her, she has got a Banjo! Naw, not that musical instrument, her huMum would go mad I think, giggles. Banjo is a Baboon (Pavian for my German readers) and before I tell the story, please read about Banjo Baby Baboon on her blog.

  1. Awe but without the #TattSleeve it can’t be a Dane or Dayne so if not Paul how about Koby (meaning strong one)?

  2. Hm, I could make him #TattSleeves … naw, arms too short Mum says *giggles* Koby … Koby … sounds good, Koby is the name! (but what strong one? are there weak too?)

  3. speaking of Koala :)

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