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Noise Disturbance

by on 16. November 2011

craftsman at the windowIf you are on Twitter then you might remember that I mentioned the renovation of the apartment block where I live.  It started in May this year and that’s a loooong time, in internet time anyway!  The renovation of the unit’s back where the balconies are – yessss I’ve got a balcony – has recently finished and I was so glad as I’ve just wanted it to be quiet 24/7 so I could nap undisturbed.  Oh btw, the craftsmen were kind as I found out while watching their work.  The noise they made was horrendous though, the drilling machine for one was really ear-piercing.

Today, I’d just retreated into my cosy banana box on the wardrobe for my after-lunch nap, when suddenly a man appeared at the window and a big BRROOOOOOOOM shook the whole unit. OMC!  They are going to renovate the front side of the units now!  But if you think, I was frightened … naw

cat in a box looks frightened

I just watched interested

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