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Meet Graeme The Cat – A Trainspotting Rockstar

by on 14. November 2011

cat waiting at the station for his staff person

Morning and night during the work week, on Melbourne’s Hurstbridge line, you will see Graeme welcoming passengers.

cat welcomes paasengers at the station and enjoys pats

He adores attention and loves the scritches and pats by his loving fans as well as the odd sun puddle or three.

littel girls says hello to cat

He is very safety conscious and will never take a short cut across the tracks; instead he uses the station’s subway. 

Each night, Graeme welcomes his staff person, Nicole, home from work.  “He always seems to know which train carriage I am on and will be sitting there beyond the yellow line when the doors open,” said Nicole.  “He is an amazing cat.”

Graeme has his very own Facebook and needs more friends to convince him to come to Twitter to give us #TrainspottingLessons

credits: The Herald Sun

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